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Earth Angel
Earth Angel
Earth Angel

Earth Angel

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*growth *wisdom *cleansing *balance

Gemstone: Clear Quartz 

Note Profile: Green Floral, Agave, Citrus, Chrysanthemum

Earth Angel is all about purification and amplification.

Topped with a Clear Quartz Crystal, Earth Angel helps to purify our energies and amplify our intuition and psychic abilities.  The powerful energy of the clear quartz have the ability to cleanse other stones. 

Earth Angel is a crisp blend of delicate white flower and lemon peel.  This candle is hand poured with the intention of allowing you to create a sacred space for purification and spiritual growth.

Volume: 113g /4oz  gold travel tin

Weight: 6oz 

Made with a blend of fragrance and essential oils. 

Made with USA grown soy wax

Phthalate Free

Listing for a single 4oz candle