About Moon Void Tarot

Moon Void Tarot x Wax Crescent is a collaboration brought to you for the purpose of intention setting and ritual work.  
The artwork of the Moon Void Tarot is inspired by Stefanie's personal interpretations of each card's meaning. She has combined traditional symbolism with an innovative and modern approach. Instead of a parade of characters, there is one central character - The Fool, who embodies each archetypal energy as she makes her journey through the 78 cards. While keeping the suits and all card names the same as more traditional decks, such as the Rider Waite Smith - Stefanie has done away with the gender implications of the court cards. Instead, she has broken each card down into it's elemental combination using alchemical symbols and animal spirit guides. 
Tarot is the journey of the self, and the vessel of communication between our physical bodies and the Universe. While deeply personal, there is a wonderfully supportive community at all levels that support Tarot. 

Stefanie Caponi (she/her) is the author of Guide Tarot and creator of the Moon Void Tarot. She is a San Diego-based illustrator, tarot reader, and astrologer in residence for Dame Products. In addition to her personal work with Moon Void Tarot, she has illustrated the young adult novel, All Our Hidden Gifts (Walker Books).

Stefanie has been an avid practitioner of magic for over 10 years, combining artwork with her interest in tarot, astrology, ritual, and occult symbolism as an expressive means to heal herself and others. She has worked with Alice + Olivia, Soho House, Bombas, and been featured in Cosmopolitan, Horoscope.com, Well + Good, Refinery29, and Tarotcbd.com.