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The Energies of Crystals

I believe that crystals contain energies that can be harnessed.  Often used in meditation and healing crystals can be a powerful tool to channel positive energy into our lives.  

For me, crystals are a reminder of my intentions.  When I see the soft pink of a rose quartz crystal sitting on my dresser I am reminded of my intention: I live lovingly.  When the deep, vibrant blue of the blue quartz crystal next to my bed catches my eye, I can feel my connection to the divine, and I am reminded that I trust my intuition.   

Listed below are some of the metaphysical properties that are believed to be associated with the different crystals that are used in Wax Crescent candles.


Amethyst Crystal

*balance *calm *harmony *clarity

Amethyst is known as a stone of protection and spiritual purification.  Meditating with amethyst is thought to bring calmness and clarity, and promote a state of relaxation and peace.  It is thought to help to reduce stress and anxiety and create a healing aura. 


Blue Quartz

*divine inspiration *spiritual awakening *insight

Blue Quartz is thought to stimulate psychic powers—in some, activating the gift of prophetic visions.  Some believe that this stone can promote access to guidance from a higher vibration.  Many believe that blue quartz aids in helping to connect to Divine Inspiration and overcome obstacles.  This stone is thought to empower with the courage and assist in embracing the Light. 



*joy *manifestation *creativity

Citrine is a crystal that is associated with the energies of the sun.  It is thought to help bring about clear thought and enhance the powers of creativity and manifestation.  Some believe that citrine strengthens the channel through which we manifest and clears energies that may block those channels.  This stone is believed by many to bring optimism and playfulness into one’s life. 

Clear Quartz

*amplification *cleansing *purity

Clear Quartz is a stone that has the power to amplify the energies of other crystals.  Clear Quartz can be programed to hold our intentions, and therefore is a very useful stone for visualization and meditation.  Clear Quartz is a stone of Light and brings with it heightened spiritual awareness.  This stone allows us to connect with the Spirit Realm and higher vibrational frequencies. 

Green Aventurine

*abundance *manifestation *optimism 

Green Aventurine is a good luck stone, and is thought to bring prosperity.  This stone is believed to help release old patterns, and assist with forward movement.  Many believe that this stone that helps to soothe emotional wounds and aids in releasing attachment to outcomes.  The energies of this stone are thought to help us to stay grounded in the present moment.  Green Aventurine is believed to have the power to help us find joy and optimism in each day, allowing us to move forward with confidence.  

Rainbow Fluorite

*mental enhancement *clarity *cleansing

Rainbow Fluorite is a stone that id thought to help clear confusion and negativity.  It is believed to promote clear thought and cut through uncertainties.  The energy of this stone during meditation is thought to attune one with higher guidance that may result in visions and insights.  This stone is thought to help someone receive psychic information and interpret the information.  Rainbow Fluorite can is believed to clear confusion and restore balance.  


Rainbow Moonstone

*mystery *intuition *dreams

Rainbow Moonstone connects us to the power of the moon.  It is a protection stone that deflects negativity and is used for psychic protection.  It brings inner peace and harmony and helps to purify negativity. Rainbow Moonstone aligns us with the feminine energy of the goddess, and ignites the inner light of the heart.  


Rose Quartz

*love *peace *healing *purification

Rose Quartz is the crystal of pure and universal love.  Meditating with Rose Quartz is thought to activate the heart chakra and help connect to love.  Rose Quartz is believed to help heal emotional wounds, and deepen our connection to our partners, our family and to ourselves.  Rose Quartz is believed to aid in spiritual awakening through the power of love and self-love.

Snowflake Obsidian

*insight *spirit communication *past-life recall

Snowflake Obsidian is thought to help ground thoughts and enhance courage and persistence.  This stone carries with it a strength that is thought to shift our reality into something that is more in alignment.  Snowflake Obsidian is believed to connect us to our spirit guides and helps us to receive guidance and assistance, pointing us to our higher path.  Many feel that mediating with this stone can help attune us with memories of our past lives. 


Tiger's Eye

*strength *vitality *emotional balance

Tiger's Eye is believed to help to maintain balance between extremes. This stone is thought to connect us to our higher guidance, and remain calm and grounded—finding balance in emotional extremes, and make decisions with discernment.  Meditation with this stone is thought to bring us to a place of awareness and unconditional love.