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The Energies of Flowers and Herbs

Throughout time flowers and herb have been used by shamans, healers and witches for their metaphysical energies.  Like crystals, flowers are believed by many to have an energetic vibration.  

Listed below are some of the metaphysical properties that are believed to be associated with the different flowers and herbs that are used in Wax Crescent candles.  

Blue cornflower

Blue cornflower is thought to be able to awaken insight and intuition.  It has been used to cultivate psychic awareness and connect with inner wisdom by removing emotional blockages.


Blue lotus flower

Blue lotus flower is known as the flower of intuition.  It is thought that the soft blue petals offer tranquility and calm the nervous system helping to achieve a euphoric state.  This flower has been used to enhance intelligence, wisdom and knowledge.


The bright yellow petals of calendula are thought to inspire optimism and vitality.  This flower has been used as a way to attract success and abundance.   Calendula is thought to have healing properties including dispelling negative energy. 


Jasmine is thought to attract emotional love.  The delicate scent notes and petals are associated with beauty and kindness.  Some believe that jasmine has the ability to enhance psychic abilities through prophetic dreams. This flower has been used to attract spiritually pure love. 


Lavender is one of the most soothing flowers and has often been used to calm the body and ease stress.  Lavender is known for its ability to relieve anxiety and open a person spiritual healing.  This flower has been used to bring harmony.


Rose is known best for its ability to attract love.  It is a flower that often symbolizes romantic love and sensuality.  Rose has the highest vibration of any flower and is thought by many to develop luck, enhance health and offer protection.   Through out time rose has been used in spell work and to cultivate female intuition. 


For centuries rosemary has been thought that have metaphysical properties.  It is known for its ability to cleanse energy and offer protection.  Rosemary has also been used to improve memory and in love spells. 


Safflower’s bright red petals are thought to inspire love.  Some use safflower as as a method of healing to cultivate happiness and strength.


Sage has been used throughout history as a way to dispel negative energies.  Used in rituals, the smoke is thought to promote healing and enhance intuition.  Some believe that sage has the power to promote wisdom and enhance manifestation.


Salt has been used by practitioners in ritual magic for centuries.  It is believed to dispel negative energy and cleanse the aura.  In rituals it is often used for protection. Many believe that salt is able to balance energy and heal.