Tarot Tuesday

As many of you probably know, Tarot is a tool that I use everyday.  Pulling cards helps me to reflect on my past and current situations by brining my subconscious desires, fears and beliefs to the surface. 

I will be doing a walk through of the Moon Void Tarot 3rd edition deck that created and illustrated by my dear friend Stefani Caponi. 

Every Tuesday week I will highlight one card starting with The Fool until I work my way through all 22 cards of the Major Arcana.  


"The Moon Void Tarot is a unique deck that follows the journey of one singular character--The Fool, pulling the reader inward with the purpose of self-reflection, shadow work, and intuition." -Stefani Caponi. 

A little disclaimer before we begin: I use tarot as a daily practice for reflection and shadow work.  While I do subscribe to many of the universal card meanings, in my own practice, many of the cards have significant and personal meaning to me.  There is a chance that my interpretation of a card might be very different from yours or someone else’s.  Although Tarot is a universal tool, it is also deeply personal.  I invite you to use your intuition and to connect to each card in a way that is meaningful and makes sense to you.  

You can follow along on this journey regardless of whether or not you have a tarot deck.  You can purchase your own Moon Void Tarot Deck here.

I am so excited to share this journey with you.  Thank you for being here, and for being a part of this beautiful growing community! 

Photo credit: Stefanie Caponi @moonvoidtarot