The Fool

Our journey through the tarot begins with The Fool. 

The Fool is the first card of the tarot deck. It is card number zero.  The beginning before beginnings. The moment when we are struck with the curiosity of “what if?”

The Fool represents the beginning of a new journey. 

There is an air of  innocence and perhaps naivitate that accompanies The Fool.  

She has the courage to set out on her journey because she trusts that she will be guided and supported by The Universe. There is often an unawareness of the possible obstacles and tribulations that lie ahead. Fear of failure is not something that The Fool thinks about.  She is focused on The Now. 

Following her curiosity, many times without a solid plan, The Fool begins her journey with nothing but her intuition and divine trust.

The Fool embodies a deep sense of freedom and unlimited potential.  Spontaneity and trust are the essential aspects of this card. 

Possibly the most important lesson that The Fool has to offer to us is that we do not need to have a solid plan in place in order to embark on our journey.  The Fool tells us to follow our hearts and trust–to ride the wave of excitement down a new path.

What would happen if we simply allowed ourselves to trust that we are being guided into a beginning with unlimited potential and opportunity? 

I also believe that The Fool signifies the duality of a new beginning.  To walk towards something, inevitably we must walk away from something else. The appearance of The Fool in a reading not only signifies the beginning of something, but also the ending to something that is no longer serving us.  “Every new beginning is some other beginning’s end.”  ←– (Remember that Semisonic song?) 

With the acknowledgment and acceptance of this ending, we create space to hold the new opportunities that The Universe will guide us towards.  

When The Fool appears in a reading, it is a reminder to walk through life with wonder, curiosity and divine trust. Even if we do not have a solid plan in place for where we are heading, now is the time to venture into the unknown.  

This card is an invitation from The Universe to follow your heart's desires and to trust fully in your intuition. 

We can take the first step–that “leap of faith” with certainty that we have all that we need and that we will be guided and supported by The Universe. 

How the energy of The Fool has shown up in your life?  What are you willing to leave behind to follow your heart?