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*love *peace *healing *purification 

Gemstone: Rose Quartz

Note Profile: Vanilla, Chestnut, Cinnamon, Clove, Cedar 

Goddess is all about amplifying love and purifying emotions. 

Topped with a Rose Quartz Crystal, Goddess Glow helps to deepen existing relationships and clear negativities.  The gentle energies of this gemstone aid in enhancing our self-love and our ability to receive.  Rose Quartz is the universal stone of unconditional love, and its soothing energies stimulate the heart chakra and support healing. 

Goddess Glow is a rich and indulgent blend of sweet vanilla, with notes of exotic spice and cedar.  This candle is hand poured with the intention of allowing you to create a sacred space for peace and healing.

Volume: 113g /4oz  gold travel tin

Weight: 6oz 

Made with a blend of fragrance and essential oils. 

Made with USA grown soy wax

Phthalate Free

Listing for a single 4oz candle