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Sweet Serenity
Sweet Serenity

Sweet Serenity

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*balance *calm *harmony *clarity 

Gemstone: Amethyst

Note Profile: Bergamot, Mandarin, Jasmine and Lavender

Sweet Serenity is all about creating harmony and balance to achieve mental clarity.

The amethyst gemstone that tops this candle helps to purify and cleanse creating a sacred space that is soothing and calming.  The delicate floral fragrance of Sweet Serenity creates a spa-like atmosphere, allowing relaxation and mental clarity.  

Sweet Serenity is a fresh and citrusy scent with notes of mandarin and bergamot. The crisp freshness of this candle along with subtle floral notes, evokes a relaxing atmosphere so that the mind can achieve balance and clarity. This calming scent will help to achieve a sacred space for reflection and relaxation. 

Sweet Serenity is airy and ethereal.  This candle is hand poured with the intention of creating a space that is harmonious to achieve clarity. 

Made with a blend of fragrance and essential oils. 

Calm the Mind. 

Made with USA grown soy wax

Phthalate Free

Lead and zinc free cotton wick