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Candle Care 101

why is candle care important for soy wax candles?

What is candle care and how do you do it? 

I know what you are thinking: candle care? What? It's a candle, not a dog! And while candles do require a little bit of care here and there, it is nothing like the amount of love you need to give to Fido, so don't worry. 

What is candle care? 

Candle care is a broad term for the (very) few simple steps that you need to make sure that you are doing to get the best life out of your candle. By taking care of your candles, you are ensuring that your favorite soy wax candle lasts as long as possible, and with a Wax Crescent candle, that is up to 50 hours. 

Step 1: The first time you burn a soy wax candle is the most important burn of all. Soy wax is a memory wax. That means that it will only burn as far as the radius of the first time that you burn it. Unlike paraffin wax, if you don't let the burn pool of soy wax reach the edge of the jar the first time, it most likely will never get there, and that means a lot of wasted wax. 

The first time you burn a soy wax candle you want to make sure that you are letting burn for a minimum of two hours. Ideally every time you light your favorite Wax Crescent candle, you want to leave it lit for between 2-4 hours. (Please do not ever leave a candle burning unattended!) 

Step 2: Do not burn your candle for more than four hours at a time. It is important not to burn a candle for more than four hours at a time. Why you may wonder. Well, I have two reasons, one I know for sure, and the other is just a wild guess. 

I know for sure that it is important to trim your candle wick. Trimming the wick ensures that the candle does not burn too hot; potentially risking a jar crack, black smokey soot or combusted oils. (see my previous post on wick trimming) Bottom line you need to trim that wick, and you cannot do it while the candle is lit! 

My other reason for not burning a candle for more than four hours (which is a wild guess, but I am here for it) is that the depth of the melt pool (how far down in the jar the candle wax is melted) is too deep after four hours. That makes me think that too much fragrance is being released and too much wax is being used. Again, just a guess, but either way blow that baby out and give a different candle the spotlight.

Step 3: Always trim your wick! (see previous post for all of the juicy details on wick trimming) 

While the steps to proper candle care are minimum, if you want to get the longest life out of your soy wax candle, it is important to take care of it.