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Intention is the essence of Wax Crescent. We believe in being intentional when sourcing our candle ingredients and materials. All of our ingredients are vegan and cruelty-free.

The Wax

At Wax Crescent we use 100% USA grown soybean wax. We chose soy wax because it is sustainable, non-toxic, paraffin and petroleum-free and vegan. Our wax is all grown in the USA which means that it has a lower carbon footprint than importing it from another country.

The Oils

Our candles our hand-poured using a blend of high-end perfume fragrance oils and natural essential oils. All of our oils are phthalate-free and sourced from suppliers who are intentional with their ingredient requirements. 

The Wicks

All of our candle wicks are 100% braided cotton and free from lead and zinc--toxic chemicals that can be found in many low-quality candles.

The Labels

Our candle labels are printed locally on paper using water-based inks.