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About Wax Crescent


Lighting a candle is a ritual for me. It is the first thing that I do every morning. 

This practice allows for me to start my day in an intentional and conscious way.  Lighting a candle signifies that I am creating a sacred space for myself, and taking time to move into my day thoughtfully and with purpose.  

I started making candles a few years ago when I found out that the candles that I was burning were full of terrible chemicals.  I wanted to create a product that embodied everything that I believed in—the purest ingredients and the idea of intention. 

And Wax Crescent was born. 

I have always felt a strong connection to The Universe, and the subtle energies that live in all things.  I believe that crystals have the potential to carry energy, and act as talismans to support us through difficult times—keeping us grounded and focused.  Many Wax Crescent candles are topped with crystals that have metaphysical properties.  These stones can assist in cultivating an intentional space and an experience that allows for us to connect to our purest desires.  

All Wax Crescent candles are made with soy wax grown from USA soy beans.  Our candles are scented with phthalate-free fragrance oils and infused with high-end essential oils.  The wicks used are lead-free zinc-free cotton wicks.  The crystals that top each candle are cleansed and blessed, so that your purest intentions may shine through.