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Founder & Moon Goddess
Taurus sun
Scorpio moon
Virgo rising 


Lighting a candle is a ritual for me. It is the first thing that I do every morning. 

This practice allows for me to start my day in an intentional and conscious way. Lighting a candle signifies that I am creating a sacred space for myself, and taking time to move into my day thoughtfully and with purpose.  

As I sit and drink my morning coffee, journaling with the soft glow of a candle illuminating my living room, I am able to usher myself into my day gently and with intention. My mornings are slow and sacred, and my candles are an integral part of that special time. 

I started making candles in 2016 after I found out that the candles that I was burning were full of terrible chemicals. I would get awful migraines from the low-quality, toxic chemicals that were in the candles that I was buying from the big box stores.

Being such a candle lover, I set out to teach myself how to make my own. I wanted to create a product that embodied everything that I believed in—the purest ingredients, sustainability and the idea of intention. 

After three years of sourcing clean ingredients, learning the craft and countless hours of test burning, I launched Wax Crescent in November of 2019 with just four scents.

Today, Wax Crescent has over 30 scents that I rotate seasonally.

It is my desire that everyone have access to easy self-care, luxury and the ability to elevate a space with their favorite fragrance and the warm glow of a hand-poured candle. 

I chose the tagline “Honor Your Light” for Wax Crescent because I believe that there is a beautiful light that resides inside of each one of us. If we take the time to nourish ourselves: body, mind and soul, we have the power to share that light with those around us and illuminate the world. 

All Wax Crescent candles are made from 100% USA grown soybean wax and scented with non-toxic fragrance and essential oils. Each candle is hand-poured in small-batches using the purest ingredients. 

All Wax Crescent candles are free from phthalates, parabens and hormone disruptors. 

Our candles are sustainable, non-toxic and clean burning. 

Read more about our ingredients and sustainability practices here.

I hope that you love the products that I have created for you. Nothing in this world lights me up more than sharing my business and my heart with you! 


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