About Wax Crescent




Founder & Moon Goddess
Taurus sun
Scorpio moon
Virgo rising 


Lighting a candle is a ritual for me. It is the first thing that I do every morning. 

This practice allows for me to start my day in an intentional and conscious way.  Lighting a candle signifies that I am creating a sacred space for myself, and taking time to move into my day thoughtfully and with purpose.  

I started making candles in 2017 when I found out that the candles that I was burning were full of terrible chemicals.  I wanted to create a product that embodied everything that I believed in—the purest ingredients and the idea of intention. 

I launched Wax Crescent in November of 2019.  

It is my desire that everyone have access to easy self-care and the ability to elevate a space with their favorite fragrance and the warm glow of a hand-poured candle. 

Every candle in the core collection has an affirmation on the back to help you to connect to your highest-self and to honor your light. 


All Wax Crescent candles are made with soy wax grown from USA soybeans.  Our candles are scented with phthalate-free fragrance oils and infused with high-end essential oils.  The wicks used are lead-free zinc-free cotton wicks.