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What is astrology?

Astrology is an ancient form of divination that draws omens and meaning from celestial bodies. 

Why do I study astrology?

I have been reading my horoscope since before I was a teenager. I remember my sisters and I fighting over Teen Magazine and then later Cosmo–a haphazard game of tug o'war with the magazine covers so that we could be the first to read our horoscopes. 

I read my horoscope religiously. I needed to know what was going to happen and somehow find meaning in the chaos that was my teenage years, and I believed that the stars held the answers. 

I fell deeply in love with astrology when a magical friend entered my life about three years ago. She was a practitioner of tarot and astrology and was able to unravel meaning from star patterns and planetary movements. I was mesmerized by her knowledge and her capacity to find meaning through a lens of planetary dances. I would spend hours on the phone asking her questions about every aspect of my chart and current planetary transits (I was determined to find every answer that I was searching for somewhere in the sky). This friend taught me so much about this astrology and she encouraged me to pursue my studies.

In November of 2022, I began taking courses in Ancient Hellenistic Astrology and have devoted myself to this beautiful practice of divination. While it was my own search for understanding myself, my relationships, and my purpose that brought me to astrology, I have found it a beautiful tool to help those in my life on their  journeys of healing and their quests to find a deeper meaning and understanding. 

If you have spent any time with me recently, I have probably asked for your birth time within the first hour of knowing you. I believe that so much can be discovered about someone by looking at their birth chart–I think of it as karmic DNA–it is almost as unique as a fingerprint. (I have all of my friend’s birth charts stored in my phone–looking at their charts is a way for me to see what is going on in their lives–maybe it’s spiritual voyeurism.)

Throughout the last few years, the divine healing and deep understanding of this human experience that looking to the cosmos has given me has nourished my soul and brought a new level of awareness and meaning into my life. I have been able to use the lens of astrology to look at trauma, inner child work, karma, and my divine purpose in this lifetime. Astrology has given me the gift of understanding some of the greatest mysteries of my human experience. 

Modern Astrology vs Ancient Astrology

It is believed that astrology has been used as a form of divination and study since ancient Mesopotamia. From then until now you better believe that there have been new ideas and methods put into practice in unraveling this divine art form. 

One of the biggest differences in ancient vs modern astrology is the use of “modern” planets. During ancient times, astrologers were only able to use planets that they could see with their naked eyes. 

Obviously in “modern” times, with new technologies and developments we can see farther into the cosmos than ancient astrologers, and therefore our understanding of the universe is more expansive. 

Those, like myself, who study ancient astrology use traditional rulership for signs. While I do believe that these planetary transits can be looked to for meaning, as far as the astrological signs, I will be sticking to traditional rulership.

I am so excited to share this piece of my heart with all of you and weave astrology into my business. 

xoxo Kym